The Game Plan
...It's time to move your mission forward

We tailor all simulations to meet your needs and goals.

Need to improve impact? Planning to scale? Anticipate potential funding loss? Collaborate or merge?

From your earliest discussions with us through final deliverables, we will work with you to define the problem, understand your timeframe, and work with your staff and stakeholders to provide insight.

step one

Define Problem

Let’s focus on your challenge…
  • Select key funders, nonprofits
  • Identify pain points
  • Choose time horizon (This year, next year, or next 10 years?)
  • Target sector
  • Decide key strategic issue

step two

Research & Analysis

We help prepare your case and examine the facts…

  • Interview stakeholders and board
  • Interview external thought leaders
  • Analyze demographic and social trends
  • Compose profiles
  • Publish briefing book with in-depth analysis

step three

The Game

Discover that Ah-ha moment…

Strategic Opportunity Workshop

Stress test your strategy

  • Design game model
  • Facilitate discussion
  • Respond to disruption
  • Offer counter strategy
  • Revise strategy
  • Identify critical next steps

Scenario Analysis

Anticipate your future options

  • Identify uncertainties
  • Craft future story elements
  • Compose scenario
  • Distill strategic imperatives
  • Roleplay future strategy (optional)

step four

Strategic Playbook

Provide you with a plan to move forward
  • Identify critical decisions
  • Align capacity-building steps
  • Recognize critical areas of impact
  • Develop funding map of greatest opportunities
  • Examine alternate growth scenarios
  • Outline timetable and budgets