Arguably humorous observations about the American Jewish nonprofit scene…its competition, its emotions, its aspirations, its irrationality, its hopes, and its stakeholders.

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The invisible Joseph Magil

Joseph Magil was one of the most remarkable yet invisible Jewish educators you never heard about. When you come across his name, think of a 19th century wunderkind listed in the Forward 50, a social media influencer akin to Mark Zuckerberg, and a publisher whose impact reached across America, like William Randolph Hearst.

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Our Methuselah Problem

When our youngest turned six he wanted a pet, preferably a dog. My wife and I said no for a variety of reasons and asked what other kind of animal he may want. After witnessing the deaths and “funerals” of a couple of his sister’s short-lived parakeets, our son chose a Russian tortoise. He named it Henry.

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