Strategy workshops help nonprofits and their boards learn how to adjust and revise strategy, as well as how to respond to changing market conditions.

For example, what if a new nonprofit with deep financial pockets enters your market? How does this affect your funding model? What if your organization decides to scale and needs to understand how other nonprofits or donors may respond to your plans? What if two or three nonprofits in your service area have decided to merge, giving them far more cost efficiency and greater geographic reach? How do you react when a newly formed, tech-enabled nonprofit disrupts your service model? What strategic choices are open to you?

Strategy workshops offer your nonprofit an opportunity to examine, build and reconfigure strategies that will affect it for years to come.


A foundation can use strategy exercises to help its nonprofits become more effective and more efficient by exposing them to strategies they may have overlooked. A Competitive Strategy or Strategic Opportunity Workshop can also help the nonprofits you support recognize opportunities to collaborate. You will understand how to uncover better ways to execute growth plans.

Looking beyond the immediate future, a funder may need to reexamine its overall portfolio and where it can potentially do the most good over the coming decade. Scenario analysis offers this long-term option. It allows participants to distance themselves from the immediate noise of the daily news cycle to address uncertainties ten or even twenty years from today.

“Leonard Fuld is the grandmaster…He knows all about how companies engage in denial and need what he calls a moment of ‘competitive clarity.’ ”

- William J. Holstein,
former editor in chief of Chief Executive